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I've spent hours upon hours pondering the reasons behind why I enjoy clicking the shutter. The crisp click sends chills up my arm and the corners

of my mouth crack a smile when I know I've captured exactly what I'm after. My children are usually on the other side of the camera. I can't imagine missing a second. I realized after my first daughter was born that it was my most desperate longing desire to breathe in and remember every moment of each day of her childhood. Then my son came along. And my littlest munchkin, another girl. I spend each day trying to grasp time and freeze it for just a moment so I could savor it a little longer. My lens does this, for my family, and many others. My goal is to grab those precious moments, those priceless giggles, those mended boo boo's, those dreamy

embraces, raw and authentic, pure and unrehearsed and give them to clients so they can truly see the love they have in their life. Reflecting Grace focuses on capturing your life's most precious moments of love... authentic and imperfect, to show you just how feircely God loves you and how generously He has poured out His grace in your life.


I'm after the way only he makes her laugh. The way her eyes light up when she spots mommy across the room. The way daddy melts, when she smiles up at him. In my portfolio you'll find a range of work, and while I capture outside of lifestyle candid moments; the heart and passion of our business is capturing unrehearsed moments of love and joy. My favorite part of photography is oddly not the shutter snapping, or the creative edits... it's the moment I reveal images to a client and their eyes water, their lips tremble, and they're speechless. 


My final thought I'll leave you with is the description I share with clients when they are considering reserving a session with Reflecting Grace. I poured over this for days on end to find the right words to express just what my style and passion for photography aim to accomplish. Take a peek into this sentimental momma's heart... 


                They smile. You melt. Their first cry makes your world crumble. You snuggle and cuddle, trying to savor each moment. Days. Weeks. Months.                       Time unrestrained, has them growing faster than your heart can handle. Your love grows beyond measure. The moments you savored so                             sweetly are memories held dear. And yet if only you could picture the way they looked when you held them. The way they drowned themselves                   in laughter wrestling with dad. If I could stop time and freeze that moment, that memory, for even just a second, so you could see it once more,                   crystal clear, it would...  priceless.

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