Booking & Scheduling Your Belly to Baby Collection


What is included in a Belly to Baby collection? 


What if I do not want to pick 3 sessions, am I required to? 


Is there a minimum print/digital order after each of my sessions? 



How early should I reserve my belly to baby collection?


Do you edit all of our photographs? 


In what areas will you accept family sessions bookings?


What's the difference between an Associate Photographer shooting my session and Jess, the lead shooting it?


Am I able to break out my print/digital or album order into payments?


If we are running late, will you stay longer than you were scheduled? 



Maternity Specifics  


What should we wear for our photos? 


Do you provide those long maternity wraps for my session, complimentary? 


Should we bring any props?




Birth Photography Specifics


When should I book my birth session?


When I'm in labor, should I text you or call you? 

When am I in labor?    When your doctor lets you know it's for sure labor and you'll not be released then go ahead and let me know!

How often do I update you?

I want to be VERY in the loop. The more I know the better I can plan to arrive at the right time. I may not always reply, but as soon as you get an update from a nurse or doc, text me that update too. Nothing too elaborate is needed. ("She's 5cm is good enough.")

Do I need to be glued to my phone? 

REMINDER: pack your cell phone charger. Always! Even if you're just going for a check up. You never know if they'll keep you. Early signs of labor are not always painful. Have a point person to communicate with me. While you're in labor, your phone will likely be the last of your worries. But it's important I have a person to communicate with that's informed in the latest developments.


Fresh 48 Specifics


When should I contact you?

When baby is born, text me and let me know via text or call! Your photographer will schedule a time to come by within 48 hrs. If there's any chance you'll be released before the 2-day mark, mention that in your text. 


When will my Fresh 48 pictures be ready? 


Will my Fresh 48 pictures be posted on Facebook right away? 



Newborn Specifics


Is a family portrait included in my newborn session? 


Should we bring any props?


Do you provide any hairbows and accessories for my newborn session?




Finished Images & Product Details


How long will it take to see sneak peeks of my session? 


What's the best way to see sneak peeks of my session? 


How long will it take to receive my finished images? 


Is an album included in my Belly to Baby session?


How long will it take to receive prints and wall art products?


Can I have web resolution images for easy uploading to FB for no extra fee?

Your collection includes your choice of up to 4 sessions to capture and preserve the memories of your pregnancy through newborn experience. Each session has its own accompanying session fees and minimum orders.

You are no longer required to pick 3 belly to baby sessions. You may pick one or all 4 of our sessions. However,

the minimum digital/print order still applies total across all sessions you reserve, even if only one. 

No. Your Belly to Baby minimum order is total across all the sessions you book. So if you reserve maternity and newborn sessions. You could $175 in maternity digitals/prints and $175 in newborn digitals/prints -- that meets the $349 minimum. 

Our belly to baby sessions are limited. Each baby to belly client commits us to up to 4 sessions PER client. So, we only offer so many each year. We recommend reserving your session early on in your pregnancy. 

We narrow down the images we think best reflect our creative perspective and present you with an edited set of images. The exact amount varies, but typically ranges from 20-40 images. 

We reserve family sessions up to 12 months in advance. A session retainer is required to hold your date. 

Any of our photographers will give you the quality of skill and professional equipment that you see reflected in our work. All editing is done by lead photograher, Jess. 

We understand that everyone has a budget to work within. We are happy to setup automatic installment payments to divide your order into up to 3 installments. 

Life happens. I will hang out as long as feasible. Though often, sessions are at sunset and oncethe sun is gone, that's that. A $50 reschedule fee may be assessed for reschedules. 

Here's my rule of thumb: #1 - don't over think it. #2 - be comfortable. #3 - mix patterns, solids and a variety of colors.  

I do! Each of my maternity clients is offered a maternity fitting consult at least 1 week prior to the session to see if they'd like to use any of the wardrobe options I have. . 

If there is something that inspires you or you'd love captured, let's definitley chat about it during our shoot! We'd love those personal momentos to be a part of your session. 

Our birth sessions are extremely limited. We only offer a handful each year. We recommend requesting these as soon as possible.

Texting is fine, BUT, If I don't respond within 1 minute, call. Starting at 37 weeks, my phone will be on ring with your special ring alert to notify me its you!

Your Fresh 48 pictures will be ready around the time of your newborn pictures, within 7-11 days after birth, 

Yes! Your Fresh 48 Sneak Peek birth announcement will be posted on FB within 2 days of your session.

Studio newborn sessions do not include a family portrait. Lifestyle newborn sessions do include a family portrait. 

If there is something that inspires you or you'd love captured, let's definitley chat about it during our shoot! We'd love those personal momentos to be a part of your session. 

We have tons of newborn props, blankets, furs, swaddling cloths, bows, et cetera! 

Your sneak peek will be posted on social media with 7 days of your session! We try to do it faster, when possible.

Your sneak peek will post on our Facebook page. Visit my page and click LIKE so you don't miss a sneak peek!  <-- Just copy that link into your browser and you're all set. 

Your images will be completed, and your gallery loaded within 2-3 weeks after your session. 

It is not, but it is an option that we'll discuss at your gallery reveal. An album design is always included and that's complimentary! 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for wall art and prints to arrive. Custom framing delivery time frame varies by project, but on average runs 4-6 weeks.

Absolutely! I am happy to provide watermarked web resolution photos perfect for 

uploading to social media! These are offered upon request.