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It's such a pleasure to share about our teams amazing work! I'm Jess, lead photographer & owner of Reflecting Grace Photography. We specialize in capturing unrehearsed moments of pure love & joy. Though I'm the visionary behind our company, I'm not the only creative eye behind the lens! I have the absolute privelage of working with a phenomenal team. Take a moment to learn a bit about each of our exceptional team members below. Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to serving you! 

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Southern twang talking homeschool momma of 3. Cheerleader and proud mil spouse. Professional long distance runner & amateur booty shaker. Lover of Jesus and Coronado-addict. This girl greets you with the warmest smile, and will become your best friend if you'll let her. She's quick to strike up a chat, and even quicker to lend a listening ear. Meet the latest addition to our team, our social media managing diva, Kim. 

social media diva 



Chocolate-addict, shutterbug junky, Army vet, and homeschool momma of 5.  She laughs loud and she loves deep. Owner & operater of her own professional photography studio and second in command at RGP....  

lead associate photographer

the crew

Our team of photographers offer you the quality and style of Reflecting Grace photography in an expanded schedule of availability. We've snatched up some of the best in our area to serve your phtoography needs. From family portraits to wedding photography, our team of associate photographers are a delightful treat...SCHWEET! 

It's a realty that schedules are busy and time is fleeting. We pride ourselves on capturing your life's most precious memories, raw and pure, to preserve them timelessly. With busy schedules and the increased demand across the southern west coast, we're excited to unveil our team of talent! Check out their portfolios and let us know when you're ready to get down. <3


As always if your preference is to shoot with lead photographer and owner, Jess, notate that on your reservation request and we'll get you all set per her avaialbiltiy. Slots fill fast!  

Serving Hi Desert,  San Diego & Arizona.

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associate photographer

Sue Ellen

Homeschool mom of 4 and former Marine, she's warm and easy going and a clean-freak. (You could eat off her sparkly floor.) She's confident, calm, and this Texas-bred Jesus-lover has been my right arm during busy seasons. She'll bend over backward to serve. We're quite lucky she's sharing her mad skillz with us. 


associate photographer & Photoshop Guru

Music-record singing extraordinaire, and photoshop magician, she's the momma to a diva-dog Ms. Daisy, wife to a Navy Chaplain, and the owner of her photography brand on the East coast. She's meticulous & a perfectionist we are absolutely jazzed to have her on board. 



Join our team. Joi

Join our team

We are not looking for any additional team members at this time. But we're always interested in hearing about fellow shutter lovers. Drop us a note if you'd like us to keep you in the loop on future opportunities.  <3

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Join our team. J

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