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Awe-Inspring Beauty in the Desolate Desert

I just couldn't contain myself when my gorgeous friend Jen asked me to capture her Belly to Baby experience. She's one of those clients that are model gorgeous and oooober excited to become a mom. Watching her plump up and plan, listening to her excitement of his little wiggles has made my heart melt! Then the day came when I stole her and Josh away for a couple hours in the middle of nowhere, where fallen tree branches, grassy farm land, and mountain landscape meet the setting sun for an awe-inspiring 20mins. What stuck with me most from our shooting time together is just how desperately in love mommy & daddy are. They're in love with their munchkin on the way too, but they swoon at each other-still! And that's absolutely precious to watch... and capture! With an insanely busy wedding month in April,I've found myself in tears more than a few times watching two love birds loose themselves in each others gaze as they dance the night away. I watched grooms serenade their brides... I've watched brides back that thang up for her groom... LOL... I've watched Jen & Josh entangle themselves in each others grasps, and oooh and ahhh at every little movement. I've captured so much precious and pure love these past several weeks, I can't help but be taken. It has rose tinted my own glasses... in a good way! So as we enter May, and look back on April, I'm inspired to remind you to dwell on love.... to be in love... and to choose to love, above any other emotion or temptation, always. Thank you Jen & Josh for loving each other so much that it just oozes out of your pores... into my lens... and on to my clients. Ha!

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