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I Don't Want to Say Goodbye

Have your kids ever told you, "BUT I DONT WANT TO!?," And you told them, "Well - you have to!" They suddenly realize they literally have no choice, and reality sets in, so they dutifully run off (sometimes voicing their disdain) to do what you've asked. I look at my kids, often, and wonder how to break it to them that life is full of YOU HAVE TO's, whether you like it or not. And, our job is to do them, with a gracious heart, a chin up, and relentlessly leaning on Grace. Sure enough one of my sweet clients, Cierra is in a BUT I DONT WANT TO moment in her military spouse life. Her husband Dan has to say goodbye to her in her third trimester of pregnancy. In fact, as I write this, he is already gone -- on his way to do his duty and serve his country. Cierra will be holding down the home front as they are expecting their first child - a baby girl.

We've been fortunate to avoid Daddy missing any of our little ones births. I cannot imagine the burden she's carrying. So many of my dear friends have carried this burden. But, I can tell you Cierra carries it with the sweetest smile. You can see that face of determination that every military spouse I know has. She's determined to hold down the fort at home so Dan has nothing to worry about. Without even a word, just a watery-eyed smile, she assures him, that she will be ok, and on that fateful day when he steps foot back home - she and his baby girl, will be waiting. She carries this burden with such grace. She smiles more often than she's sad. She's got her chin up, her eyes upward, and a husband who's absolutely blessed.

It's truly an indescribable honor to capture these moments and put words to these memories for the Finn family. I can't wait to capture little Princess Finn and mail all sorts of sweetness his way. We will see you soon Dan!

(And yes, I"m boo-hooooing as I write this. Ahhhh!!)

See the full feature in Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine HERE

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