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Just in time for Mother's Day

Carla is one of my regular clients so her littles are not at all camera shy. I was super excited when she wanted to put together this beautiful, spanish-inspired, sunset Mommy & Me session just in time for Mothers Day. Besides the fact that Carla and her husband, Rob are both model material, HA HA, I just love having their sweetness in front of my camera. They're comfortable and you can really see their adoration of each other on their faces! Just look at the way Rob is holding on to her!! SO SWEET!!! They're madly in love and its so beautiful to watch! Can I rant for a moment? Carla's personality is so warm and genuine. She's one of those rare people that truly have a heart as wide as the ocean and strives to love others. She's honest, funny, insanely gorgeous, insanely intelligent and such an inspiration. She's a military wife, she works, raises her sweet littles, and owns her own amazing skin-care business (HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRLS SKIN!?). She's fierce and I'm so fortunate to call her friend. I find her friendliness and warmth contagious. You can't hang out with her, and not leave smiling. She's a gem! Ok, rant over. Just adore her! TRULY. And two of my FAVORITE busy-bodies -- Ella & Evan. They are both so bubbly and energetic. I love love love Evan's sweet gentle spirit and huge smile! I absolutely adore Ella's inquisitive nature and incredibly determined mind. I usually have to work hard to keep their attention, but when I have it, they are sooooo generous with giggles. What can I say, when your client is also your great friend, it all just flows so organically. Check out these priceless sweet Mommy & Me moments I captured of my sweet and beautiful friend.

And if you're oooohhh & aaaahhhing over there, consider following her motivating-mommy-journey on Instagram where you can learn about her cut-throat workout (seriously, have you seen her thighs?!) routine and boss-mom journey. FOLLOW CARLA

See the full story unfold HERE

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