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That Little Place In Your Heart You Didn't Know Existed

You never quite know what it'll be like when you get to finally meet them. You expect you'll adore them. You've heard you'll be tired out of your mind and perfectly content living life in that gray fog of sleepy. You've heard that you'll miss feeling the little kicks. You've heard it's like having your heart outside of your body. You've heard a million words about how it will be.

And yet, the moment it happens, you find this little place in your heart you didn't know existed. You find that the little kicks on the inside were just the beginning! Your eyes can't stop staring at him, just watching his little breaths. He smiles at you in his sleep and OH GOSH now you're crying again. Your world, your entire existence has just morphed into something you had no idea was even possible until that very second you got to hold his little hand.

Miranda & I have talked and talked of "what it will be like," through our photography journey together and yet seeing her snuggle this little man...and watch his daddy in absolute awe of his every little squirm... just fills MY HEART with a joy I didn't realize existed. I had no idea the gift of photography would give as much to me as it gives to my clients. It's always a privilege and honor to share in the journey and it literally brings me to tears, every single time as I watch my Mommy clients' hearts grow. Whether it's their first or their fifth, they're equally in awe -- and I'm equally emotional. Ha!

Congrats Miranda & Jordan, so many sweet memories ahead for you two as parents that will fill you in a way I cannot find words to describe! This is just the beginning! Congrats you two!! See you again soon!

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