She Loves Like She Laughs

There are moments in life that you realize time isn't fair. Moments when you realize your little ones are growing faster and faster and you can't slow time down. I love taking my clients outside to frolic around and just be their fun-loving selves. No fussy posing, Just mom, dad, the littles, the pup, and lots of rocks dirt and sand to get messy. I love this session so much, not only because its giggly fun but also because this momma is one of my sweet and dear friends moving away very soon. This session will be a constant reminder of what I love most about her : her sweet and kind heart, her love of all things tiny and cute, and her gracious approach to motherhood. I am so grateful for our friendship! I will miss you dearly sweet Jen! Your children will rise and call you blessed.

<3 Love you Jen! Chicago, you're not ready!

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