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Sunset Flightline Snuggles

I don't get calls from many dudes to book a session. Randy's call surprised me to say the least. I was thrilled!! He wanted to commemorate his time with his squadron by capturing some photos with the jet as a surprise for his parents and the love of his life. "I know I want to marry her," he smiled. "The ring is coming!" We met at sunset on the flight line and they giggled and swooned at each other, head over heels in love! As the sunset behind them, he had that unmistakable look of love in his eye. And she too... totally smitten. Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and CONGRATS on find your soul mate!

UPDATE: Randy proposed to Jenna just a few short weeks later in Washington, their home state, and SHE. SAID. YES!!!! Congrats guys!!!

Turn up your speakers and watch the full story unfold: HERE

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