The Busy Years with Littles

When life is busy and littles are energetic, family photos can be a daunting task! What made this sweet family perfect camera lens candy is their absolute adoration of their littles and each other. Rachel has THREE little ones. The oldest, little Madison is 5! So Mom has her HANDS FULL and yet, she's head over heels in love with her little ones -- that exhaust her daily! You can see it all over her face in the giggly tummy tickles and mommy snuggles she gives them. The way her eyes melt when Madison squeezes around her neck just fills me to the brim with smiles. Dad wasn't an casual observer either! He was a sea of patience and willing and i'd even say EAGER to dive into create some magical candid moments. He had fun! And I love when my dad clients have fun because we all know photos isn't typically their favorite thing. We came. We played. We had a blast. And I call that a days' work. Take a look at the gorgeous family FULL OF LOVE, the Berkmans!

See the full story unfold HERE

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