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When Friends Shine Radiantly You Know They're Special

I truly do love all my clients. But this girl -- she's become like a sister to me over the past year. She's a mother of 4 and just all around rock star mom. (Though she'd thoroughly deny that.) From her fun-loving boys, Josiah & Joel, to her darling and precious Belle (who helps her corral the troops DAILY), to her squishy little guy that has the GUSHIEST sweetest irresistible smiles -- the entire family is just a blessing to me.

Sue Ellen is one of those women that means what she says and says what she means. If she gives you her word, it's as good as etched in stone. She's reliable and honest. She's a gem in this world in need of GEMS. She sparkles, and not because of anything she puts on or makes up... no she sparkles so brilliantly because of the Cross she clings to. I love her dearly, and the opportunity to capture her beautiful family in their last year in this desolate dreamy desert was a true honor I'll never forget. Enjoy!

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