And Then There Were Three

From the moment I got word that this sweet and gorgeous lady was pregnant, I began to grin from ear-to-ear. It’s always super sweet to watch dear friends become parents. To watch them push through the sleepy sickness of the first trimester, the awe & wonder at little kicks of the second trimester, and the restless eager anticipation of the last several weeks of waiting. Josh & Jen are not only clients, they’re dear friends. They’re southern, warm & graciously friendly. They’ll bend over backwards to make you feel at home when you’re in their home. I should note here that Josh served me a meal during their newborn shoot! Why? Because that’s what Texas-born folks do. He he. :) I’ve had the true privilege and honor to watch these two fall head over heels in love as they grew from husband & wife to a family of 3. What a precious and priceless joy it is to soak up this sweetness with them. I recall one moment during our newborn session when Eli just wasn’t very happy. He’d had it with all the moving around and just wanted to snooze. Dad came near by, he started talking to Mom, and Eli’s eyes opened and looked around for those sweet voices he knew so well. He calmed, just like that. Because his two favorite people in the world were nearby. And I of course melted, and discreetly wiped the tears welling in the corners of my own eyes. (I’m such a sappy one!)

These photos are worth so much more than the few witty expressive words I have. They are a treasure, captured, to be cherished, held on to, and looked upon often. Oh little Eli, you are so incredibly loved & adored. May the Lord bless you and keep you as he grows you in wisdom & prepares you for greatness! <3

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