Ten Years Later...And I Still Do.

You meet two people that are so obviously made for each other and watching them is just captivating. There is something about a couple that's labored in love for a decade. Chaps put it so accurately during the homily when he explained the knitting of hearts that happens when you become one in marriage. Hector and Joanna’s ceremony was a recommitment of their vows of love to each other after 10 glorious years of marriage. They brought in their sweet little girls into the ceremony. Hector prepared a letter to them that he read aloud, ensuring there wasn’t a dry eye on site! He reminded them of their commitment to the Lord and vow of obedience to their parents. He explained to them that he vowed to be a Godly example of a father to them and Godly example of a husband to their mother. He asked them to trust in his judgment and leadership that when the time comes for them to marry, he would be the guiding hand in ensuring that choice is made with wisdom. He slipped little rings on each of their fingers as they said, “I Do.” Joanna tried very hard to keep her mascara on, but no one was able to at that point. Love. Deep and everlasting. Gracious and forgiving. Hector and Joanna have not only loved each other that way, but have vowed to teach their precious girls how to walk through life loving that way as well. Happy 10 Years, wishing you an eternity of love together! <3

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