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Living in the Moments

Kevin & Sam are particularly special to me. I've known them for several years. In fact, I remember when their oldest was born, just two weeks before my first! I've watched their littles grow up across coasts on social media. But, this particular Sunday evening we found ourselves in the same little desert place and I got to soak up the desert sunset fun with them. Kevin's the fun-loving Dad that keeps the kids AND Sam constantly entertained. I love that these pictures really show just how fun their time is together. When work is busy, and the kids are growing faster than you realize, moments like these are priceless. Moments where you dance and spin, race daddy to the finish line, tumble and tickle, make lots of macho muscles, and just soak up time with each other. Little Zoe's gentle and determined Princess heart knew that pictures didn't sound like the ideal way to spend her evening BUT if it meant she could dress up like Snow White at the very end, it was totally worth it. The Smith's radiate love for one another that is contagiously sentimental. I'm literally teary-eyed just typing these words. Why? Because I see their love for one another on their faces. I see Logan's adoration for his 'Old Man,' I see Zoe's dazzling trance of majestic wonder as her prince charming Daddy asks her to dance. I see Sam's absolute overflowing heart of love and joy at the happiness oozing out of their pores. They're living life, soaking up the moments. Making childhood memories etched into their hearts, forever. In decades to come, these little ones will look at these pictures and know just how much they were adored.

See the FULL story unfold: HERE

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