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Becoming A Big Brother

I absolutely love telling my clients story from start to finish. Meet the Gardenhires! This is their family portrait from last year (2015). And you probably can't tell but all FOUR of them are pictured here. Andi had the very cool idea of announcing the arrival of #2 on their Christmas card. It was truly a treat to meet them at the beginning of this journey, find out we have MUCH in common, and become great friends in the process. I meant truly, Andi is one of those clients that just has the most beautiful family, full of smiles and giggles for the camera. I was absolutely thrilled to find that this fellow Texan wanted Reflecting Grace to capture their Belly to Baby experience. We continued with her maternity session in the gorgeous Morongo Canyon Preserve. Big brother Gibson absolutely adores my camera and is quite generous with the smiles! We snuggled and tickled until the sunset and captured some true amazingness!

A short few months later the time was upon Andi! I visited their hospital room to say hello to the ELEVEN pounder Bennett! By far the biggest baby I've ever snuggled and photographed. And every pound and ounce just seemed to add that much more sweetness. He was precious and peaceful and snuggled up for his pictures! A short week after his arrival we met in their home for a casual lifestyle newborn session. The entire process just oozed with sweetness. I feel absolutely honored to share in my clients lives like this!

Turn up your speakers and watch the full story unfold: HERE

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