Bringing Eleanor Home

When Caitlin and I started chatting baby photos, I got goosebumps. She'd called to pick my brain on recommendations for other photographers in the area because she knew I was booked up well in advance. Well, after just a few minutes and shifting, I was happy to offer Caitlin one of my last few slots for the year and she eagerly accepted. That's when our journey together began! We started their story with a breathtaking sunset maternity session in the gorgeous desert landscape they call home. The next session crept up on us rather slowly as Caitlin ended up going past her due date. A surprise for sure! I love getting to support my clients in those last several days with encouraging words and prayers. The journey to L&D wasn't short and the stay was LONG but it was worth every second. Just look at the joy on her face! Little Eleanor was born and oh my word, momma and daddy couldn't be more in love. She wasn't the biggest fan of having her picture taken but we captured some sweet candid moments in the hospital. Just a short week later, we spent some time in their home for some real life snuggles and priceless moments!

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