Sarah + Lucas: The Wedding Story

You have never met a more fun loving couple! Sarah is the most chill and I truly mean MOST CHILL bride I've ever met. She also is a veteran scuba diver and lover of animals, particularly German Shepard's! Lucas is her prince charming. This All-American Navy Seal has a tough exterior and a caring heart. He too shares Sarah's love of their pups. In fact, just several days before the wedding, they welcomed a litter of German puppies home! They wanted to plan a simple ceremony and ensure "everybody just has a ton of fun!" It was important for them both to make the atmosphere care free and casual, a reflection of both their personalities! They kept the ceremony decor simple and gifted their guests custom flasks of whiskey. The reception took place on a beautiful golf course on the ever illustrious Coronado island. With the glistening sun behind them and the cool salty ocean air, they danced until the wee hours of the morning, surround by love and laughter! Congrats you two!

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