Sunset Adventures in the Desert

You know the desert has a beauty to it that is intoxicating. When we found out we were moving to the desert -- no words, just tears. I kept telling myself the people there seem to love it. It only took 3 days in our first desert locale to fall in love. Was it hot !??!?!!? YAASSSS!!!! But the community and small town feel make this place feel more like home than any big city we've ever forced-moved to. Fast forward to earlier this year when we moved to ANOTHER desert, and you'd think someone had told us we were headed to the Bahamas for life. Ha! We. Love. It. My favorite part of photographing clients in the desert is finding awe-inspiring beautiful that you just don't expect to find in such a desolate place. Meet the Shockley's -- we found our very own private cave of fallen tree branches desert greenery. It was absolutely dreamy with gorgeous sunlight peeking between the branches and the picturesque mountain landscape as the backdrop. We romped around and played under the golden sun's setting rays. And you guys I"m 100% convinced -- the desert is gorgeous. And I think Kirby, Evan & Lincoln wholeheartedly agree. Check out our fun-loving time below!


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