Falling in Love & Saying Goodbye

Katie & John have called the Yuma desert home for 5 years. Let that sink in for a second. Most military families only pass through Yuma for about 3 years, they've done almost double that. And guess what!? They love it. Leaving Yuma is on the horizon for them. "This is where I had all my children," she smiled. "We love it here!" I say it all the time and I sincerely mean it, there is an intoxicating beauty that you fall in love with in the desert -- which makes saying goodbye, hard. The breathtaking sunsets, the abundance of Vitamin D, the small town feel -- it all becomes normal and gives you that nostalgic feeling of home.

To commemorate their time in Yuma, John & Katie joined me in one of my favorite spots to frolic around and capture some sweet memories. Their littles were FULL of energy and not at all camera shy! I think my favorite line was by little Ms Sawyer. I asked, trying to make small talk with a 2 year old, "What's your favorite Princess??" She eagerly smiled back and said, "ME!" Such a sweet girl! And what a trio they are! Elias is the oldest and he runs the show with jubilant joy and bursting excitement. From the moment they stepped out of the car, he was ready to run off with me to explore. Little Sawyer followed her Big Bro's cues and wasn't shy either. She was quite vocal towards the end as she really warmed up. "Daddy, pick me up this way and spin me around," she told Dad. With her directing the shoot -- I had little work to do. And last but CERTAINLY not least, the little ham in the suspenders, Macay. He stole my heart from the moment I saw his little chubby cheeks. We had a blast, truly! And it is my hope that The Stuarts will look back upon these pictures and remember this little dusty town and all the joy and love they had here! Enjoy Japan, guys!

See the FULL STORY unfold: HERE

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