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Welcome Home. She Missed You.

Allie & Dustin are very special to me! Well all my clients are truly. But I find it a special privilege when clients come back to our studio year after year. I was excited to get the message from Allie letting me know that her hubby would be home from deployment this Fall and she wanted to be sure to snag one of my last session slots! So we set the date and waited. Needless to say their energy was organic and full of love and laughter. We met on Coronado beach at sunset and danced around the sun's setting rays. They were electrically entangled in one another-- in a way only a homecoming reunion can spur. My favorite part of my time with them had to be Allie's laughter. She cracks up at Dustin at the slightest provocation. She's his #1 fan! It's absolutely precious to watch love reunited. Enjoy!

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