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Her Smile Lights Up Everything It Touches

Little Elise has a contagious beaming joy that filled this cloudy evening with tons of giggles and laughter. Initially she wasn't too thrilled at the idea of taking pictures with a complete stranger. But, by the end she was helping me snap shots and high-fiving along the way! She's a doll and Mom & Dad absolutely adore her. What I loved most about my time with the Greb crew was just how casual they were. I didn't sense even a pinch of "family photo stress" or the typical "dads ready to be done urgency" Nope they were 100% chill and completely easy going. I'm sure being cuddled up by a fire in the comfort of their home is a MUCH more ideal spot to spend a crisp chilly overcast evening. But, if the thought crossed their mind - i never knew because they truly were in SUCH fun spirits eager to capture some candid fun. Through our time together, three things I learned about this gorgeous trio is 1) Elise loves ice cream. It's all the motivation she needs. Period. Nuff said. 2) Mom is in love with her family. Plain and simple, Megan loves her munchkin and her man! and 3) This lady is someone I plan to spend much more time getting to know because I could very quickly see how her daughter's contagious smiling joyful spirit was an extension of mom's own warmth and sweetness. Clients turned friends... thats how it usually goes for me. Ha! What can I say?!? I have the BEST clients!!

See the full story unfold HERE

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