They Won't Stay Little Forever

Big kids. I look at Liam, Emma, and Jacob and imagine my trio getting this bigs and my eyes start to involuntarily water. Liam is the eldest, the big 8th grader. And he's just as cool and competitive as he can be. Emma is the sweet darling middle child. She's so incredibly beautiful and exudes FUN. She helped Mom and Dad dance and eagerly orchestrated a handful of shots throughout the session. And little Liam, he loves his Momma. They all do, truly! But watching Liam's little face when he snuggled in to Natalie just melted my heart. The last time I saw this crew we lived thousands of miles from here and little Liam was a little guy! I thought making them laugh would be a challenge because you know bigger kids are too cool to laugh. HA! But tapping into their competitive natures through good ole' sibling rivalry seemed to do the trick! It was fun, oh so much fun, to connect with my dear old friend from across the country and capture some priceless moments in the chilly desert air. Enjoy!

Watch the full story unfold HERE

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