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Zip A Dee Doo Dah

When I think back on my time with the Millers, this little ditty plays in my head. It was truly just a WONDERFUL time! The weather was rather crisp and chilly (by desert standards) but we ran and played so hard we didn't even notice! Honestly, I've never met a more fun loving and energetic family! The Millers were literally balls of energy! David and Lilli's eagerness to explore and jump and play made the time FLY BY! Within 15minutes of shooting we had PLENTY of gorgeousness and yet I was glued to them, I couldn't stop! Mom and Dad are cut from the same cloth. They're warm, friendly, fun, and down right game for anything! Piggy back rides?! No problem! Pick up your "not so little" little ones and spin around over your head?! SURE! Jacque rocked it! And oh Dad MORE than knocked my socks off with his enthusiasm for pictures. Typically my dads are kindly obliging to take pictures, but it's not their favorite thing. Oh no -- let's be clear Charlie was EQUALLY excited as Jacque to get some great shots and have some fun in the sandy desert. It was truly an exhilarating evening of laughter and just plain fun!

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