When the Lord Knows

The news of a new little one is always SO EXCITING! Especially when it's been 13 years since your last baby! Diarra called me in quite the craze eager to get her sessions on my calendar the moment she knew she was expecting. It was the end of the year and so there were literally zero open weekends but I carved out a slot on my anniversary weekend to make sure my sweet friend had her every moment captured. I marvel at the Lords wisdom and timing. He truly does know best and He is working things out for our blessing even when we have no clue whats going on. On Dec 4 we gathered at the local fav spot for pictures to capture family photos and a few pregnancy announcement pictures. No one knew she was expecting and these announcement cards were to announce the exciting news!

Fast forward several weeks, the news was out and everyone was oooohhh so excited! This sweet family received 3 week notice that Dad would be deploying. It was a complete surprise, and of course, as their first little one together, Diarra's heart was broken. She perused her family pictures, and smiled remembering the joy of that photo session. She picked up her bottom lip, folded her hands and prayed for peace and comfort heading into this season of pregnancy sans husband. Her family photos are now the sweetest little reminder of her blossoming family while Daddy was home. They are priceless and precious and we are ever so grateful that the Lord gave us this time together to capture them as a family before hubby left.

Now here we are half way through pregnancy, and we have many more sweet moments to capture! We will be filling hubby's email inbox with sweet photos over the next several months and I encourage you too to stay tuned! Diarra's doing well, she's not just surveying, she's THRIVING.

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